This means that the camp is carried and facilitated by the horses and wranglers while you, as hikers, carry only your daily necessities; camera gear, rain gear, lunch, water bottle etc. In camp, you are responsible for claiming your baggage when you arrive, setting up your tents and then finding your way over to the fire, where hospitality and food awaits.
Departure for the day’s hike to the next camp means breaking and packing all your personal gear and tents for the wranglers to load on to the horses. After enjoying the full camp breakfast, you head out with a packed lunch ahead of the horse train, with your hiking guide. Meeting up with the pack train at the appointed destination that evening, ready for the cycle to begin again. On non-traveling days we explore and photograph a chosen landscape on foot on your own schedule and return for the evening, campfire, and supper. All hiking groups are accompanied by a guide who knows the route.

Degree is moderate, but hikers should be prepared for all scenarios and some possible long days and inclement conditions. This is not a novice outing, as situations can arise unforeseen. The beauty and remoteness of the region, which are the attraction and reason to be there, also require respect and preparedness.


Trips have a maximum of 10 people.

4 Days- $1275/ person (plus tax)

 This trip begins with a short hike into a base camp nestled at the base of Tusulko Mountain followed by two days of hikes to the beautiful surrounding peaks, with the opportunity to see goats, caribou and marmots.

7 Days- $2050/ person (plus tax)
A seven-day trip makes a circle route through the heart of the Rainbow Mountains. We vary our routes throughout the summer, camping in different valleys so as keep the impact of horses and people to a minimum in this pristine park. On a seven-day trip we move camp two or three times depending on which route we take. The elevation gain and loss on this trip is not great and the distance between camps is four to five hours with a stop for lunch and breaks along the way.

10 Days- $2750/ person (plus tax)

Ten days gives us time for an extended exploration of the park and the opportunity to visit some of the more remote peaks, ridges and valleys.


Rainbow Mountain Outfitting